Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Build Your Digital Bookstore!

How To Build Your Digital Bookstore is designed to provide you with practical tips for selecting the best Private Label Rights(PLR) ebooks.

How To Build Your Digital Bookstore focuses on helping you discover the right PLR ebooks for resale.

Because you must spend money to purchase PLR ebooks, and you must also spend a great deal of time and effort marketing the PLR ebooks, it only makes sense NOT to waste time and money on losers.

How To Build Your Digital Bookstore is about: showing you how to make smart “inventory” decisions that sell profitably.

Here are just a few of the chapters headings from this informative guide:

  • Why PLR Ebooks Make Sense
  • Dispelling Fears Of PLR Ebooks
  • Basics Of PLR Ebook Selection
  • Packageable Titles
  • Trustworthy Books
  • Writer Quality
  • Matching Your Style
  • Matching Your Substance
  • Your Opinion
  • Budget And Cost Concerns
  • Restrictions
  • Resources

Profiting with ebooks obtained with Private Label Rights is easy when you know how to choose titles that will make you money!

Top marketers make a killing with PLR ebooks every day. Now you can discover their secrets!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Digital 2 Physical -
(Change Digital Products into Tangible Goods!)

With Digital 2 Physical you will discover several methods of providing physical goods to your Internet marketing customer.

Digital 2 Physical covers the conversion of ebooks to print, brings software products into a tangible form and makes video a physical object you can sell.

Digital 2 Physical looks at all aspects of the conversion process and provides solid advice, and insight.

Some important points to keep in mind:
  • • Tangible goods can produce better sales figures.
  • • Physical goods provide marketing and branding opportunities
  • • Most Internet purchases are based on convenience.
  • • Many customers perceive tangible goods as being convenient.
  • • Some products are just better in a tangible form.
  • • Tangible products can possibly reduce customer service problems.
Digital 2 Physical looks at:
  • • Several Methods for Publishing an Ebook.
  • • Ways to Use Physical Delivery as a Marketing Goldmine.
  • • How to Handle Production of Materials.
  • • How to Use Tangible Goods to Increase Your Credibility.
Here are just a few of the chapters headings from this important guide:

Moving Forward by Stepping Back
The Appeal of Tangible Goods
A Marketing Ace in the Hole
A Return to Paper Delivering the Disk
Dressing it Up Basics of the Burn: Committing Software to CD-ROM

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    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    How to Build An Online Business
    - NOT a Money Maker!

    Instead of just concentrating on how to turn quick a quick buck, the focus of this ebook offer covers the long haul.

    What this means is if you plan on building your business to be around in future years, this ebook is for you.

    The information contained in How to Build An Online Business is about setting up and operating a business that is solid and will provide a steady income for many years to come.

    However, if you are looking to set up a business that will make a quick buck and then die-away, there are many other resources that you can discover that are hot and popular, but then burn out.

    To succeed in the long term the first thing you must do is start thinking in a completely new way.

    Most of the online startups focus on quick profits and while there is nothing wrong with this approach, you will discover in this ebook how to do things a little differently.
    • • You will discover how to building a solid, long term business.
    • • You will discover how to develop this mindset
    • • You may find that moving into this mindset will not be as easy...
    Below is a sampling of the contents that can help:
    Changing Gears - Getting the Right Mindset
    How to Develop This Mindset
    Specific Thoughts to Banish
    Self-Evaluation: Do You Have What it Takes?
    Business and Process Planning 101
    Create a Business Plan Competitive Analysis - How Do You Compare?
    What You Should Know About Design and Development
    Day To Day Functions - Setting Up Operations and Management Functions
    Money, Money, Money - Funding Your Business and Managing Expenses
    Elements of Successful Process Planning
    Getting Your Business Paperwork in Order Resources

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    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    BlogTabulous: Make Money With Blogging!

    Take Advantage Of The World Of Blogger™ and WordPress™ Blogging And Start Making Residual Money!

    With the Internet things never stay the same for long. What may be current today will be changed by tomorrow.

    Here's one example of how quickly and dramatically things can change online: Not long ago, blogging was about creating a personal online journal that told family and friends what was going on in your personal life.

    It was similar to creating an online diary. Today there are still some who use their blog in the same way.

    Today however, blogging software programs are more like content management systems. If, for example, you want to start an online business to generate an additional income, you can with little more than a blog.

    In the ebook, BlogTabulous, you will discover the many different ways that you can make money blogging on a step-by-step basis.

    Even if you have absolutely no concept about how to create a blog or how to make money from your blog once you have created it, BlogTabulous is going to demonstrate and highlight everything you need to know about creating a blog to make money.

    Below is a sampling of the contents:

    You can make money from your blog
    Why are blogs so popular?
    The ‘Niche’ Concept
    Registering your domain name and creating a hosting account
    Creating your blog the easy way
    Adding appropriate content the easy
    Using AdSense to generate an income
    Promoting affiliate products
    Private advertising
    Getting paid to blog
    The best way of making money from blogging

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    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

    The Profitable World Of Affiliate Marketing, Vol II

    In the previous ebook, Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I, we revealed the established ways of getting profitability from an affiliate marketing campaign.

    These are the methods Internet marketers have developed throughout the years.

    These are the proven strategies that have helped many online marketers achieve success.

    These are the tactics that many will teach their students.

    However, the World Wide Web is ever changing.
    And sooner than later, the strategies that work today, all of which were discussed in Affiliate Marketing Success Vol. I, will be obsolete.

    In this ebook, we will be sharing these newer techniques, some tactics that not everyone is aware of.

    These strategies are at the threshold of a new era, the era known as Internet 2.0.

    Mastering these tactics give you a distinct advantage over many affiliates.

    In this ebook you will be given an opportunity to be a leader of the pack that will discover the next frontier of cyberspace.

    In this ebook we will be discussing the tactics of the future. You will learn the strategies that will are emerging and changing the World Wide Web.

    In the 45 pages of Affiliate Marketing, Vol. II you will discover the future of this industry: Web 2.0.

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    Monday, February 08, 2010

    The Profitable World Of Affiliate Marketing, Vol. I!

    Affiliate marketing is the quickest and easiest way to earn money on the World Wide Web. But remember that quickest does not mean overnight and easiest does not mean that you don’t have to exert any effort.

    Affiliate marketing provides a great opportunity that gives you:

    • • Minimum to zero financial investment ;
    • • A variety of programs to choose from;
    • • Unlimited number of programs to join;
    • • Commissions ranging from 20% to 90% of the selling price;
    • • No limit as to how much you can earn.

    Because of these benefits, millions of online users have tried their hands at affiliate marketing.

    Many of them fail. The majority of them never even dollar for their efforts.


    It’s because tested strategies were not employed in their marketing campaigns.

    I'm presenting you with two comprehensive volumes that are the ULTIMATE resources for successful online affiliates.

    Below are chapters from Vol. I. You will be introduced to some amazing concepts, that when practiced, will almost always guarantee success for your affiliate marketing efforts.

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2.The Starting Point
    Chapter 3.Choosing The Right Program
    Chapter 4.The Tools Of The Trade
    Chapter 5.All About Affiliate Links
    Chapter 6.Website Models You Can Copy
    Chapter 7.Making It Your Own
    Chapter 8.The Grind For It All
    Chapter 9.Conclusion – Endings And Beginnings
    Chapter 10.Resources

    55 pages of valuable content and NO fluff!

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