Friday, April 16, 2010

The Solo Entrepreneur

If your one who wishes to work for themselves, with no or few employees, and who does so because of a desire to do the kind of work that fits their value system, their passions and their lifestyle, then it's safe to call you a "Solo Entrepreneur".

It's surprising that these four powerful drivers of success are the least publicized, understood, and implemented strategies for business success.

The Ebook I Am Giving You Today Covers The Following Four Secrets Of The Solo Entrepreneur
  • The Secret of Personal Development
  • In order for your business to grow, you, yourself, must grow as a person. Attempting to grow your business without investing in yourself will certainly slow your business success. By reading this ebook you will discover that: "Your outside world (your life) is a reflection of your inside world (who you are). Who you are affects what you do (or don’t do!)"
  • The Secret to Working With Clients You Love
  • In this section you will discover the secret to attracting all the perfect clients and customers you want with ease. This is the secret that will allow you have more fun marketing.
  • The Secret to Doing What You Love — And Only That
  • Discover why, "If you try to wear all the hats in your business, you are likely to find yourself overworked, underpaid, frustrated, and ultimately, burned out."
  • The Secret to Getting More Done and Making More Money as a Solo Entrepreneur —
  • Finally, in this section you will discover the paradox of being a solo-entrepreneur is that you are on your on in your business, but to succeed you need to team up with others.

This Then Is The Solo-E Challenge:
• Are you investing in yourself?
• Are you leveraging your time and knowledge?
• Are you aligning whom you serve with who you are?
• Are you joyfully working with others to do even more?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Basics For Starting A Business

I have found there are ten basic steps to starting of your very own Internet-based business. I've listed each below and recommend you grab the FREE ebook being offered below. What have you got to lose?

The 10 Basics:
  • Motivation and Goal Setting
  • It's important that you have the right mindset and a written list of goals that you plan to accomplish before going forward.
  • Time Management Control
  • Your time is important! This is especially true online where you can spend many hours on tasks that deliver few results.
  • Product Conception
  • Developing a money-making product line requires knowing what the customer wants. This requires research!
  • Site Structure
  • When building your website remember to keep the consumer your appealing to in mind.
  • Constructive Content
  • Your content requires that you keep in mind the 5 "W's". If you're unsure of what these are, grab this FREE ebook now!
  • Search Engine Support
  • There are several tools discussed in this ebook that you can use to help you increase your search engine placement.
  • Advertising Issues
  • The goal of your advertising is to drive targeted traffic to your website.
  • Customer Service
  • The first thing you must remember to do is to thank your customer for whatever favor he’s just done for you.
  • Recurrent Marketing Efforts
  • Marketing, you'll discover, is a never-ending task and must be factored into the continued growth of your business.
  • Necessity of Reinvention
  • You must stay current in your industry and make time for continuing education.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Your Free Joint Venture Resource eBook

When you have two or more businesses joined together to profit, and receive mutual benefits for their efforts you have what is called a "Joint Venture".
Joint venturing on the internet is one of the quickest methods of building an email list and making money!

In This 110 Page Resource Packed eBook You Will Learn:
  • Step by step instructions on how to create joint ventures.
  • How to double your revenue with joint ventures.
  • Techniques for a successful joint venture.
  • Finding contacts for your joint ventures.
  • How to negotiate joint ventures
  • And MUCH more!

You are also granted full Master Resale and Giveaway Rights to this ebook. You may give it away, sell it, use it as a bonus or add it to packages or membership sites.!


What are YOU waiting for? I'm handing you the ultimate guide to building your website traffic, building your mailing list, networking with successful marketers, growing your business, and much more!

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